Stromarkt 15, Amsterdam

At Café del Mar, we offer various workshops based on your interest and experience. Whether you are looking to learn more about what coffee is, or how to pour your favorite coffee yourself at home, or learn about the wide spectrum of coffee flavors, or how to pour a gorgeous tulip in a cup of latte, we’ve got you covered!

All of our workshops are popular as a gift and as a part of team outing evenings, as it covers a wide range of theory and techniques about coffee, making it suitable for people of all age and background. The workshops are also suitable for coffee enthusiast especially for those with equipment already, or for those considering to purchase equipment soon to explore ways in upgrading their coffee experience at home

Our workshops are taught by our Chief Barista Mitchell. He has been in the coffee industry since 2015, and has been certified by the Specialty Coffee Association in the fields of: Barista Skills, Brewing, Green Coffee, Sensory Skills, Roasting. Mitchell’s professionalism and enthusiasm is reflected in the quality of our workshops and our customer reviews. 

The workshops

We offer various workshops based on your interest:

  • Home barista
    This introductory workshop is perfect for immersing yourself into the world of coffee.
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  • Coffee Tasting
    Not all coffee taste the same. During this workshop, you will learn how to distinguish notes and aroma of different kinds of coffee beans, and explore the difference in beans and brewing methods.
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  • Latte Art Foundation
    Always wondered how a cup of coffee can look so pretty? You can learn the basic techniques on milk frothing and pouring during this workshop focused on latte art.
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- The maximum number of participants are limited to 4 people per workshop
- We ask all participants to keep 1.5 meters from each other
- If you are ill, please stay at home. We can reschedule the workshop
- Please wash and disinfect your hands as you enter our building

Two minutes from the CS. Parking in front of the door is often possible..
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