There are currently five roasts available

We currently have five different coffee beans in our collection. We have beans from a single estate, single origin, as well as blends of both. Our roast ranges from light to dark roasts.

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About Café del Mar Coffee


Our Arabica beans are of high quality. The high altitude of the plantation and the optimal climate of the regions ensure the coffee beans to have a balanced, soft taste with a fruity accent.


The farmers and their families deserve fair wages for their hard work. As such, we developed our own fair trade program in collaboration with Solidaridad Foundation.

Rainforest Alliance

Our Platanillo and San Marcos coffee beans are Rainforest Alliance certified, supporting the livelihoods of farmers and climate conservation.


Our coffee is roasted every week on a small scale with craftsmanship and passion. The time between roasting and delivery is kept at a minimum, to ensure you receive the freshest product.


Our coffee bag labels are stickered at Scorlewald in Schoorl, a Dutch institution striving to support the livelihoods of individuals with mental disability. You can see their proud contribution to our products by their individually signed stickers on all our coffee bags.


Our coffee is packaged in biodegradable craft paper, and refillable tin cans.

Coffee activities at Café del Mar

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High Coffee & tea

If you are looking for a cozy afternoon filled with food and drinks, our High Coffee & Tea is perfect for you! Perfect for a small get together, also wonderful to give as a gift.
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All about Coffee

Barista workshops

Whether you are looking to learn more about what coffee is, its flavors, or how to pour a gorgeous tulip in a cup of latte, we’ve got you covered! All our workshops are taught by our Chief Barista Mitchell, a Specialty Coffee Association certified barista.
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