The story begins in the high mountains of Nariño Colombia, 4.276 meter over the pacific ocean. Here, bordering the equatorial line lies the most active volcano in Colombia, Volcan Galeras. Coffee can be grown on lots of soils but the ideal type are fertile volcanic soils also known as Andisols. What makes this territory so fertile is how young or immature the soils are as they still retain many of the elements that were present during the formation of the rock. What makes this coffee so special is the altitude and the temperatures the coffee is exposed to during day and night. The warm winds from the Pacific Ocean cross the valley and prevents the plants from freezing. Due to the drastic change in temperature, the coffee plants enter survival mode and undertake a metabolic process that translates into a very characteristic flavour. Growing coffee at this altitude is only viable if you are very close to the equatorial line since it permits solar radiation all year long. The result is a product that holds a certain acidity and sugar level and gives the Buesaco Coffee its unique biochemistry.

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